Used Equipment

Gandini Chipper Energy 40/75.

A tractor powered heavy duty drum chipper specifically designed for producing high volumes of conformed woodchips for use as a boiler fuel.


This machine manufactured in 2014 has completed less than 300 hours and is in almost as new condition having always been kept under cover.


Infeed capacity 400mm

Infeed opening 400mm x 750mm

Output up to 70 cubic metres per hour

Hydraulic fold down infeed chute with steel conveyor and two infeed rollers

Drum diameter 600mm width x 750mm with 6 blades

Currently set to produce a conformed 6mm chip

Chip setting range from 6mm – 30mm

Hydraulic raise, lowering and deflection discharge chute with 300⁰ rotation

No-stress feed monitoring device

Remote control and charging units

1000 PTO speed

Mounted on a heavy duty forestry tandem axle and large flotation tyres

Weight 4000KG

Tractor requirement minimum of 180HP

Price £47,500.00


A new machine with the above specification and current exchange rate would retail in excess of £100,000.00.


For further information contact Graham Satchwell direct 07831 477594.


Gandini 91 TTS Tractor Powered High Speed Shredder
High output mechanically loaded shredder suitable for processing large volumes of green waste to be used as a soil improver or for volume reduction.  Will also handle material such as pallet wood and MDF boarding.
1000 PTO driven and suitable for tractors of 100-180hp a moving chain driven slatted floor moves material to the rear of the machine and hammer mill via a heavy duty powered feed roller.  The hammer mill is fitted with 40 x 3KG free swinging hammers which shred material forcing it through an adjustable tailgate fitted with steel combs and into a windrow.  Speed and pressure sensing feed monitoring devices are fitted as standard.
We have two pre-owned machines on offer:
A. This low hour machine has been subject to a total strip down, sand blasted, painted to the highest standard, new decals, fully serviced with a new set of hammers.  It is in excellent order and looks as new.  Will be sold with 6 months warranty.
B.  A machine which we are offering on behalf of a valued customer is in first class working order with original paint.  Offers based on £20,000.00.  Current new price for a Gandini 91 TTS is approximately £75,000 depending on exchange rate.
Gandini Castor Stump Grinder
Suitable for tractors of 40-80hp this machine will grind out virtually any size of stump.  It has a side to side isolation of 1.5 metres and telescopic main arm movement of 600mm.  Hydraulic top link for depth of grind, with stabilizer blade for back fill.  Grinding wheel is of square design with 8 replaceable cutting teeth.
This machine is unused but has been shown by us at a number of exhibitions over the past year.  Paint is 95%.
Gandini 85 TPS Biomatich Tractor Powered Shredder
These well proven heavy duty shredders have been in production for over 20 years.  Infeed capacity is 8” x 16” (200mm x 400mm) via a 4 chain infeed conveyor and crushing roller conveying material into the hammer mill which is equipped with 15 x 2KG free swinging hammers discharging the shredded end product through a 360⁰ discharge chute.  Hammer life is at least 500 hours with no maintenance.
They will process all types of green waste, timber, pallet wood and hard plastic which can be contaminated with soil or metal objects such as nails screws or wire.  Mounted on the tractors 3 point linkage they are 540 PTO driven and are suitable for tractors of 70-100hp.
In addition to new we have a choice of pre-owned machines, sand blasted, painted to a high standard, new decals and hammers, fully serviced and ready for work.
Sold with warranty, prices from £7,500.00
Gandini 81 MTS Biomatich Shredder. 
Two as new self-powered shredders able to process a wide range of material from shrub bed waste, tree limbs, pallet wood and timber which may be contaminated with soil, nails and wire.
They are powered by a 32hp 4 cylinder diesel engine, the hammer mill is equipped with 10 x 2KG hammers with no maintenance and a working life of at least 500 hours.   Infeed via 2 hydraulic powered feed rollers is 6” x 10” (150mm x 250mm).  All mounted on a high speed axle with 360⁰ rotating infeed facility, adjustable drawbar, spare wheel and no-stress feed monitoring device.  Weight 950KG
A. Our own demonstration unit with less than 5 hours recorded.
B. A new unused machine but shown at exhibitions with slight paint deterioration.
Both units carry full warranty.